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Top - barter cooperation:
Süddeutsche Zeitung 

Very popular and a real opportunity to gain more guests from Germany:
advertise in South-Germany's No.1 media without spending money!

Profit from the daily travel auctions of "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" and get your advertisements by providing room-vacancies whenever they don't hurt you. We are happy to explain the details upon your request.

1. Freude pur: theme supplements 

610.000 readers enjoy the frequent theme supplements because of excellent stories around the mottos of the supplements. You can advertise in the print edition or in the online-version appearing at the same time in SZ-online.


Find the rates for the print edition below:

Full page EUR 6.500,-- (262 x 365 mm)

half page EUR 3.500,-- (262 x 181 mm oder 132 x 365 mm)


You receive an advertorial on the pages of "Freude pur" in SZ-online:

EUR 2.990,-- for 100.000 Ad Impressions

EUR 4.990,-- for 200.000 Ad Impressions

EUR 6.990,-- for 300.000 Ad Impressions


See all dates for "Freude pur" 2024 here: 

2. Travel section: every saturday 

The travel section is a part of the regular newspaper but its distribution is not only limited to the rest of the edition. This is why 1,24 mio. readers, mostly in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg can be reached with the travel section.  Advertisements are limeted in order to keep the high standards of a quality newspaper.

You determine whenever you want to advertise. We still recommend to plan as early as possible to make sure that there is space available.

our preferred format: 371 x 80 mm.

price:  EUR 4.400,--  (instead of EUR 8.192,--)

1/4 page  371 x 132 mm: EUR 6.900,-- (instead of EUR 21.150,--)

1/2  page  371 x 264 mm: EUR 9.900,-- (instead of EUR 36.200,--)

3. TV-supplement: the reasonable option

Every thursday the TV-supplement appears in the bavarian edition and it has 610.000 readers.

full page:         EUR 4.900,-- (246 x 371 mm)

1/4 page:         EUR 1.900,--  (246 x 90 mm)

Freude pur.png

See example for "Freude pur" Wellness & spa: click the pic for opening/download

Freude Pur Wellness Spa Herbst 22 Titelblatt.jpg

travel section "unterwegs", every saturday. See an example here (click the PDF)

Explaining the cooperation: download this PPT:


Gegengeschäftskooperation Süddeutsche Zeitung von Mr. Blue & friends
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